Success Stories

“I was on a budget, and purchased a less expensive, competitive software. I didn’t realize until months after the sale what a mistake I’d made.  After I switched to ECLIPSE, it was ironic that it turned out to be much less expensive to own.  I wish I’d purchased it first.  It’s funny what they say about 20/20 hindsight.”  - Dr. Scott Knight, D.C.

“SOAP takes me about a minute. I even spend 30 minutes daily on documentation such as HMO forms thanks to new ECLIPSE features.  Over 18 years, the constant innovations have been amazing.” – Dr. Robert Sylvester, D.C.

“I had invested a great deal of money in [the old system]. My staff and I can’t believe how much easier and faster all operations are performed with ECLIPSE running on the same speed computer.” – Dr. Michael Schonfeld, D.C.

“We started as a small practice and now run a multi-specialty group with 24 providers. It’s the only program that’s ever been able to keep pace with our growing appointment volume.” – Dr. Jeff Catanzarite, D.C.

“I recently figured that ECLIPSE has saved me over $100,000… over the last 3 years. We had a $10,000 jump in collections the month after we started using it.” – Dr. Richard Geoghean, D.C.

“The time savings is tremendous. Now I can fill out almost any form the payers throw at me in minutes – automatically.” – Dr. Alfred Noble, D.C.

“…in Silicon Valley, I have exposure to just about every type of software…. Every day I find something to ponder about how SIMPLE yet POWERFUL this system really is.” – Dr. C.M. Rollis, D.C.



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