GalacTek Corporation Help-Desk Survey

It is our goal to provide the best service and products possible to our clients & prospects. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survery. Your input is valuable and will help us develop and improve our services & products.

Please indicate which Help-Desk Representative you were in contact with
Please rate our Help-Desk Representative on the following:
Were the answers and explanations give by our Help-Desk Representatives thorough and understandable?
How did you feel at the end of your call? (Check all that apply)  
I felt the Help-Desk representative went the extra mile for me
I felt satisfied about the service i received
I felt rushed by the Help-Desk representative and dissatisfied
I felt my questions were not answered or the explanation was not clear.
If other, please explain
How would you rate the overall experience with your Help-Desk Representative
We welcome any additional comments regarding our Help-Desk or any suggestions you may have to help us better meet your needs.
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