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Documentation - Encounter

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  • Document routine visits in seconds!
  • Input exam data all from one screen!
  • View past encounter information effortlessly.
  • Satisfies Dr. needs, insurance mandates and Government regulations.
  • Not a 3rd party product.
Paperless Office



The phrase “Paperless Office” does not mean just documenting patient visits using a computer. 


What about eliminating your patient’s paper files all together? 


We have built-in Document Storage in every patient record! 


Scan your paper charts and import electronic documents to be stored, viewed or sent in seconds. 


Condition Screen
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Document Automation

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Have a form you routinely fill out?

You can enter data into your own custom forms or have them automatically filled out!

ECLIPSE gives you the ability to import that form and add patient information anywhere on the form to help ease & automate your paperwork load.
Electronic Billing



ECLIPSE electronically bills in a true ANSI 837 format.


This allows you to bill Insurance Companies Direct (if your state allows) or use the Clearinghouse of your choice!



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Electronic Remittance - Auto Posting
Electronic Remittance
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How much time do you spend posting payments to patient's accounts?

Would you like to reduce that time to under a minute?

Yes it's true and you can!

We've had ANSI 835 Remittance for years!
Appointment Scheduling
A faster more versatile scheduler simply doesn't exist. 2,000 patients a week? 3 dedicated staff members to handle appointment entry? No problem. 

  • Views by day, week, room or provider.
  • Cut, Copy and Paste Appointments.
  • Automatic missed appointment notification.
  • Extensive Report Options.
  • Custom Fee Slips.
  • Customized cell size.
  • Text Patients directly from the scheduler.


Create & store templates to define custom appointment types. Templates allow instant retrieval of all appointment settings simultaneously to keep staff efficiency high & mistakes low.
Appointment Scheduling
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Complete Management Reporting
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ECLIPSE comes with Complete Management Reporting ready to use!


For decades, management consulting organizations have been recommending ECLIPSE.  This is due in a large part to our reporting capabilities. 


They are able to monitor and track growth in detail with what reports come in the program! 

Alerts & Reminders

Whether your office runs on a single computer at one location or encompasses 70 workstations at 10 sites, it's tough to remember every detail when you're constantly beseiged from all sides.

Our Alerts & Reminder system helps keep your office running smoothly, preventing critical issues from falling through the cracks.
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NEW! - Dashboard
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We know you’re busy because you tell us, we listened!


With the New Dashboard Technology added recently, providers have everything they need to know in front of them to treat the patient.


And once again, for our current clients there were no additional charges for this new feature!



“WOW...This new DASHBOARD is incredible...Just fantastic!” – Dr. JK,